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New Enterprise Customers Drive Docmosis Usage to 35M Pages

Key updates to the Docmosis Cloud in 2018 have attracted new enterprise customers for their SaaS document generation solution.

New Enterprise Customers Drive Docmosis Usage to 35M Pages

Australia-based software company Docmosis measures usage of their Cloud document generation solution via the number of pages rendered each month. The graph shows the steady growth in annual usage since 2013, now exceeding 35M pages per year.


Docmosis continues its 100% Year-on-Year growth while expanding its international customer base.

Australian-based software company Docmosis continues to see strong demand for its document generation solution with customers now located in over 30 countries.

Docmosis Cloud Document Generation Growth - 2017

Annual usage of the Docmosis-Cloud document generation solution once again doubled with over 20 million pages generated in 2017, compared to almost 10 million pages in the 2016 year.  This doubling of usage in 2017 is in-line with the 100% year-on-year growth of the previous 6 years since 2011.


Docmosis Climbs to New Heights in 2016, Closes in on 20 Million Pages Generated Since 2011

Docmosis continues to grow at an exceptional pace; 2016 saw the company achieve nearly 100% year-on-year growth, with almost 10 million pages rendered.

Docmosis Cloud Document Generation Growth - 2016

That number is on par with the cumulative total of the previous year. Docmosis has also recently introduced some important updates, including an enterprise pricing plan and enhanced document generation engine.

One of Docmosis's Enterprise customers, said, "We started evaluating the Docmosis Cloud service in August last year. Obviously it's a big decision to outsource something as critical as document generation to...


Docmosis Achieves Yet Another Milestone, Doubling Its SAAS Document Generation in Less Than 12 Months

Australian-based software company surpasses 10 million pages generated using its cloud based service, boasts 100% year-on-year growth since inception

SAAS Usage - Pages per Year

For the fourth straight year, Docmosis has doubled the number of pages created using its document generation SAAS thanks to a steady increase in customers as well as an increase in the number of pages each customer has produced.

The service empowers software developers and business teams to create documents from templates without...


Docmosis Cloud SAAS passes the 5,000,000 Pages milestone.

The Docmosis document generation SAAS is used by companies to create legal, financial, medical, transport and education documents. The Cloud service has been running consistently for over four years and has now produced over 5 million pages.

SAAS Usage - Pages per Year

On Thursday 26, Graham Hughes, co-founder and director of the Australian based company Docmosis Pty Ltd, announced that the company’s document generation Cloud service had recently passed the 5,000,000 pages milestone.

Graham said: “We knew we were getting close at the end of last year. Then we got busy with rolling out our new hardware for the service in December and January. We are very proud of how well it’s going...

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