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27 January 2024
Docmosis 2023: Cloud Usage and Integrations

Docmosis continued to experience steady growth in Cloud usage in 2023, with over 200 million pages generated by […]

21 August 2023
Document generation Console,with Multiple users and Account Mangement
DWS4: A Milestone for the Cloud Service

The Docmosis Team is excited to announce the official release of DWS4, the latest version of the Cloud […]

12 January 2023
Cloud Growth and Progress in 2022

In 2022, Docmosis saw a significant growth in its cloud services, launched an improved website, expanded market reach through integrations, and plans a major cloud service update in 2023.

17 November 2022
Creating Realistic Brands and Industry-Specific Examples

After many conversations we found that customers often start their document generation journey with either a sample document […]

31 December 2021
New Features driving Docmosis Cloud Usage

With new features helping customers get even more out of Docmosis, 2021 saw a significant jump in the number of customized documents generated.

15 December 2021
Docmosis response to Apache Log4j Issues

Docmosis is aware of the recently disclosed security issues (CVE-2021-44228 & CVE-2021-45046) relating to the open-source Apache Log4j (v2.0 – v2.15) utility.

30 December 2020
Docmosis Growth Continues – Despite COVID

In a year where so many businesses worldwide have been hard hit by the pandemic, we are thankful that Docmosis usage has held up remarkably well across all products.

8 November 2019
Docmosis Rolls out its Latest Cloud Service

We are excited to announce the official release of the latest version of our cloud service – DWS3 is live!