Cloud Growth and Progress in 2022

12 January 2023

Cloud Usage and Adoption

In 2022, Docmosis once again saw significant growth in adoption and increased usage of its Cloud service, solidifying its position as a reliable cloud-based document generation solution. The total usage across the DWS2/DWS3 versions reached 168 million pages, surpassing the previous year’s figure of 130 million. At this time it also became obvious of the slight dip in growth in 2020 due to COVID.

Website Development and Launch

The year saw the completion and launch of a new website, capturing and distilling a decade of experience working in the document generation space. The new website includes two significant additions. Firstly, a document gallery, showcasing real examples of documents generated using the Docmosis solution. Secondly, the addition of a detailed list of software/platforms that can be used in conjunction with Docmosis to improve the document generation process

Development of Next Generation Cloud Service

Throughout the year, the development team dedicated their efforts to advancing the next generation of the Docmosis Cloud service. In response to customer feedback, the DWS4 version of the service will include “enterprise” features such as: multi-user accounts with the ability to assign roles to users; the option to partition work in to environments; and individual users will be able to belong to multiple accounts.

Market Expansion and Integrations

Docmosis began exploring compatibility with: low and no code platforms, integration with automation platforms like Zapier, and collaborating with third-party applications such as FormAssembly. The culmination of this work is a shortlist of potential platforms that can seamlessly integrate with Docmosis and makes the Docmosis template-based doc gen process available to a wider audience.

What’s next?

Looking ahead to 2023, Docmosis aims to release the DWS4 version of the Cloud service by the middle of the year. This release is expected to further drive growth and adoption, simplifying document generation processes and empowering users. Strategic partnerships with key integrations and ongoing enhancements will continue to strengthen Docmosis’ position as a leading document generation solutions provider.