Docmosis Cloud Closes in on 20 Million Pages Generated

14 March 2017

Docmosis continues to grow at an exceptional pace; 2016 saw the company achieve nearly 100% year-on-year growth, with almost 10 million pages rendered.

Five years in, and document generation company Docmosis continues to grow at an exceptional pace; 2016 saw the company achieve nearly 100% year-on-year growth, with almost 10 million pages rendered. That number is on par with the cumulative total of the previous year. Docmosis has also recently introduced some important updates, including an enterprise pricing plan and an enhanced document generation engine.

“Our platform handles high-value business documents for customers around the world,” said Graham Hughes, co-founder and director of Docmosis Pty Ltd. “It’s a real show of faith when a company decides to outsource their document production. Our continued growth is proof that more and more enterprises are putting their trust in us, and we’re proud to deliver a service that exceeds expectations.”

Docmosis is trusted by customers in fields as diverse as human resources (HR), education, real estate, health, legal, finance and transport/logistics, among others, to produce mission-critical documentation like contracts, letters, statements and reports. The company offers three products: Docmosis-Java, for Java applications; Tornado, a platform-agnostic web service running on local servers; and Cloud, a 24/7, secure web service running in the cloud.

Matt Bernstein, CEO of HubTran, a leading provider of back-office automation technology for transportation companies, and one of Docmosis’s Enterprise customers, said, “We started evaluating the Docmosis Cloud service in August last year. Obviously, it’s a big decision to outsource something as critical as document generation to a third party. We have found the Docmosis Cloud service to be stable and reliable. The document templates are simple to create and it’s a perfect fit for the type of documents our back-office automation system requires.”

As of December 2016, Docmosis rolled out a big update to its core document generation engine — which is available in each of its products. The update adds improved syntax for mathematical and logical operations, string functions, and number/date formatting. Several practical examples of these new features are presented in a recent blog post.

To better serve its growing community of enterprise customers, Docmosis has also introduced transparent enterprise pricing plans. Higher volume customers can compare various pricing tiers and choose whichever best fits their needs. Subscription pricing for the Cloud service is on a pages-per-month basis. The company also offers project licensing with no limits on workstations or total documents. For interested parties who want to take the platform on a test drive, Docmosis is available as a free trial version.

In 2017, Docmosis will be adding real-time monitoring of uptime statistics and redeveloping its Cloud Console. Forecasting how the business will perform during that same period, Hughes remarked that “all signs point to continued growth across every industry we serve. Docmosis is a superior solution, and we’re proving it every day.”

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