Docmosis Doubles its SAAS Document Generation in Less Than 12 Months

4 February 2016

Australian-based software company surpasses 10 million pages generated using its cloud based service, boasts 100% year-on-year growth since inception.

For the fourth straight year, Docmosis has doubled the number of pages created using its document generation SAAS thanks to a steady increase in customers as well as an increase in the number of pages each customer has produced. The service empowers software developers and business teams to create documents from templates without the time and effort of coding by hand. Small businesses and enterprise customers from various industries including legal, financial, health care and defense have all experienced the tremendous value of Docmosis.

“Our continuing growth has exceeded all our expectations,” remarked Graham Hughes, co-Founder and Director of Docmosis. “We continue to invest in the hardware and software that has supported this growth, while focusing on making the user experience as straightforward as possible. Software development will always be a labor-intensive process, but Docmosis gives software teams one less thing to worry about.”

Docmosis is designed primarily for businesses developing software applications that generate documents and reports. The software can work with any platform, including Java, .Net, Ruby, PHP, Python and JavaScript. Documents can be produced in all major formats, from PDF and Word documents to HTML.

Among the most important benefits of Docmosis is the ability for Developers and non-Developers to rapidly create and edit document templates with well known tools like Microsoft Word or Open Office, so there is nothing new to learn to get the most out of Docmosis. Once a finished template is stored in the service, data can be passed and merged with the template, instantly creating a finished, accurate document that can be automatically delivered to the relevant parties.

Docmosis is available as a cloud based service or through a locally hosted web service called Tornado. To date, the cloud service has achieved better than 99.99% up-time, a vital statistic in the context of business-critical documents and reports. The company operates servers in the eastern U.S., western U.S. zones and more recently the EU zone. Later in 2016, Docmosis will be rolling out a dashboard enabling customers to view real-time and historical reports on service status.

“We have every reason to believe we can double our numbers again this year,” concluded Docmosis Director and co-Founder Paul Jowett. “At the end of last year, we released a new version of Docmosis that adds even more power and versatility to templates. Once customers see the resource savings we’re able to help them achieve, they can’t imagine going back to the ‘old-fashioned’ way of developing and maintaining documents.”

The Docmosis team will be making an appearance at SaaStr Annual 2016, one of the largest gatherings of SaaS founders and entrepreneurs from around the world. This year’s event is scheduled for February 9-11 in San Francisco.’

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