A Template-based Java PDF Library, Docmosis-Java

Are you building an application that needs to generate:

  • Letters
  • Statements
  • Purchase Orders
  • Invoices
  • Certificates
  • Inspection Reports

or some other page-based document or report?

Depicts how Java IDE works with Java PDF library to generate pdf documents from Word Templates

Why should you use a template-based Java PDF Library?

The problem with most Java PDF libraries is you have to master a large API and then write many lines of “print” statements to describe the document.

You also need to add code to handle the obscure cases: when tables run over pages, how text wraps around images.

It can be frustrating and time consuming even for simple documents!

You still haven’t touched on page numbering, or headers and footers.

And, if ever you need to modify the code, it can be like finding a needle in a haystack.


Do you have an example document?

Imagine if you could layout your document using an editor like Microsoft Word instead of coding.

Perhaps you already have an example of the document or report you are building – as a Word Document?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could just use that as a starting point!


Docmosis-Java transforms word templates to PDF documents

Docmosis is not your average Java PDF library – it’s been described as “Mail Merge on Steroids”.

With Docmosis you use editors you already know (Microsoft Word or LibreOffice Writer) to build your document visually.

Then simply add place holders for any dynamic content, by typing plain text: <<likeThis>>.

The document becomes your Docmosis template.

Docmosis can be embedded in your Java application and merges your Data with the Template to produce the pdf documents or generate reports


How good is it?

Docmosis has been used in: Finance, Legal, Logistics, HR, Health, Education and Technology applications.

Used by: BBC, Cisco, Dane Street, MercuryGate, Marriott Vacations, SmartRecruiters and many more.

See our list of customers or view a selection of sample documents.


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