Cloud Versions Explained

The document specifications for PDF, DOCX, etc., are constantly evolving and changing. As a result the Cloud service has regular feature additions, environment changes and bug fixes.

All improvements to the current version of the Cloud service are thoroughly tested to ensure there is 100% consistency and backwards compatibility for existing users.

Changes that can’t be safely applied accrue over time and are released as a new version of the service that runs in parallel to the previous services.

Important: To log in to each version you must have an account in that version.
For example: if you have a DWS3 account, you will need to start a DWS4 free trial, which creates a new DWS4 account, to able to log in and try the latest version.

DWS4 (2023 – Present)

The latest version of the Cloud service was released in August 2023.

DWS4 introduces many new modern enterprise-style features including:

  • Multi-user accounts with role management.
  • Multiple accounts per user.
  • Partitioning of an account into multiple environments.
  • Enhanced rendering engine for improved template-to-document conversion accuracy.
  • Additions to template syntax, for example: the ability to sort/filter/group repeating data.

Accounts created after August 2023 should login using the DWS4 Cloud Console. You can find details of the changes in the DWS4 Release Notes

Please contact support to discuss moving from DWS3 to DWS4.


DWS3 (2019 – Present)

This version of the Cloud service was released in October 2019. The DWS3 service will continue to run in parallel to the DWS4 service.

The DWS3 release added:

  • The ability to control the processing location used for storing templates and generating documents.
  • Significant improvements to the document rendering engine (more accurate conversion from template to output format)

Accounts created between October 2019 and August 2023  should login using the DWS3 Cloud Console

For assistance with migrating to the latest version please contact support.


DWS2 (2015 – 2024)

Please Note: DWS2 will be decommissioned during 2024. We have begun contacting customers to assist with migrating to DWS4 by 31 August 2024. If you would like early advice on migrating please feel free to contact support.

DWS2 was the first major upgrade to the original Cloud service and occurred in 2015.

This involved a move to much faster hardware and significant improvements to the document generation engine resulting in speed improvements of up to 5x faster.

During 2018 we released a new look Cloud Console, which is the web portal used to manage templates/images and test rendering in the Cloud.

If your application is using the DWS2 API (, you can log in to your account using the DWS2 Cloud Console.


DWS (2011 – 2020)

The Cloud service was first launched in 2011 as Docmosis Web Services (DWS).

The original service ran for 10 years. After working with the last few users to migrate to one of the releases above, the service was retired in 2020.