Coming soon… Cloud Console redesign

11 July 2017

Those of you who use the Cloud/SAAS version of Docmosis will soon be notified that a new version of the console is available.

Apart from adding a more modern look/feel, the updated console will also include some new features.

While we have been busy improving the robustness and the template features of the Docmosis document generation engine – the look and feel of the console is now quite outdated and lacks features we have built into other products.

Here’s a sample of what to expect…

Integrated Render Page

In the updated console, the Render page, which is currently a separate pop-up window, will now be integrated into the console.

This integration will make it much simpler and faster to iterate templates. You’ll be able to edit and save the template on your local drive and then, without leaving the one web page, re-upload the template to the cloud and use it to generate a document.

Generate Sample Data

This feature has been available in Tornado for some time and now it’s coming to the Cloud.

The Render page will enable you to generate sample/dummy XML or JSON data by querying the selected template.

The sample data generator can also create blocks of repeating data and sample Base64 encoded images if it detects those placeholders in the template.

Better Usage Visibility

The new console will also enable you to see usage data from previous months. This is a definite improvement over the current capability in which customers can only view their current month’s usage.

Want early access?

If you’d like early access to this updated version or you’d like to submit feature requests and/or feedback, please feel free to Contact Us.