Creating Realistic Brands and Industry-Specific Examples

17 November 2022

After many conversations we found that customers often start their document generation journey with either a sample document or at least a very clear idea of the documents they need to generate.

Given that documents are an inherently a visual medium, as part of our website rebuild in 2022, we set about creating a “gallery” of real documents, generated using Docmosis.

Examples using Realistic Brands

We started by designing four brands, suitable for creating authentic-looking business documents. Together the brands cover the major industries that widely use Docmosis, with each one having its own: company name; corporate logo; tagline; business address; colour scheme; and so on.

After researching document features commonly used within the chosen industries, our marketing team created example documents with the complexity of genuine business documents. The different countries provided scope to work with different date, number, currency, and text formatting conventions.

The resulting documents, and their matching templates, can be seen by filtering the Document Gallery to show “Examples”.

Each example consists of: a template; a long format article explaining key conventions used in the template; all the information needed to generate the final document (i.e., placeholders, embedded logic, sample data).

Customer Samples

While our marketing team has done an amazing job, we are always impressed by the ingenious ways in which our customers are using Docmosis. Over the years we have had many share with us their document challenges and also their results.

Filtering the document gallery by “Customer Samples” shows a variety of business documents generated by real Docmosis customers.

We love hearing from customers and we are always on the lookout for more samples. If you have a document you’d like to feature in our gallery please get in touch.

Our theory is that if a prospective Docmosis customer can see real documents in the gallery, that resemble the type of documents and features they require, then hopefully they will realize that they’re in the right place!