Docmosis 2023: Cloud Usage and Integrations

27 January 2024

Docmosis continued to experience steady growth in Cloud usage in 2023, with over 200 million pages generated by its Cloud customers. This was a 25% increase from the previous year, driven by new users of DWS4 and also existing users expanding their volume of documents generated.

Users embrace DWS4 Cloud’s new functionality

The latest version of the Docmosis Cloud service,  DWS4 – released August 2023,  has been met with positive reception. New customers are typically opting for plans that allow them to use the new multi-user and multi-environment capabilities.  Existing Cloud users are also migrating to DWS4 to take advantage of new templating features and improved document generation speeds.

Integrations Launch

The launch of a Zapier integration in 2023 marked a pivotal advancement in Docmosis’s integration initiatives. This integration facilitates seamless connectivity between Docmosis and a wide array of third-party applications and services, enabling users to automate document generation from their existing business workflows.

The Docmosis – Zapier integration, alongside the release of integration guides for Ninja Forms and Jotform has notably expanded Docmosis’s ecosystem, providing users with multiple options to integrate with a wide range of service providers.

License Sales Strengthened

The versatility of Docmosis’s offering, and its unique dual approach to providing both SaaS and on-premise document generation options has sparked renewed interest, particularly evident in the increased sales of Tornado licenses for on-premise solutions.

Business Director, Graham Hughes, commented “Customers often start with the Cloud service as it’s easy to get up and running very quickly, which is perfect for proof-of-concept work and initial launch.  As they scale some teams, that are already running their own servers, choose to go on-premise.  The switch from Cloud to Tornado is quite straightforward. That said, we have customers that go the other way. They start on-premise but switch to the Cloud to eliminate the need to constantly manage and monitor the service. By offering both on-premise and SaaS options they can switch easily between them if needed without having to learn a new templating language.”

What’s Next?

Looking forward, Docmosis is set to further enhance its services with the publication in early 2024 of interactive-online API documentation for the Cloud, along with a downloadable OpenAPI specification.  This machine-readable definition of the Cloud API will be the basis for generating Cloud SDKs to be released later in 2024.

An upcoming GUI facelift for the Tornado Console is also in the pipeline, demonstrating Docmosis’s commitment to not only advancing the technical capabilities of its services but also improving the user experience.

Image showing Pages generated using cloud until 2023