DWS4: A Milestone for the Cloud Service

21 August 2023

The Docmosis Team is excited to announce the official release of DWS4, the latest version of the Cloud service, as of August 2023.

A Commitment to Innovation

The DWS4 enhancements, which build upon the multi-region success of DWS3, continue the tradition of investment and innovation in the Cloud product.  Driven by customer requests, this version provides modern enterprise-style multi-user features.

The new version will run in parallel to the existing versions of the service and users will require an account for each version of the service they use. Details of the changes are available in the DWS4 Release Notes.

What’s New in DWS4?

  • Multi-User Accounts with Role Management: The ability for multiple people to work together within one account, and assign each user role-based privileges.
  • Multiple Accounts per User: Flexibility to belong to more than one account, perfect for developers or integrators working on different  project or client applications that use Docmosis.
  • Partitioning of an Account into Multiple Environments: Split work in to various Environments within an account.
  • Enhanced Rendering Engine: Further improvements in rendering Engine for more accurate template-to-document conversion.
  • Additions to Template Syntax: Syntax capabilities extended such as sorting, filtering, and grouping of repeating data in templates. See full details in DWS4 template guide.

Migrating to DWS4

For details about migrating to DWS4, from the earlier versions of DWS2 or DWS3, please reach reach out to our support team.

Document generation Console,with Multiple users and Account Mangement