Docmosis Attends SaaStr Annual 2019

1 March 2019

Earlier this year, Paul and Graham managed to find time to squeeze in a trip to San Jose, California, for the SaaStr Annual 2019 Conference.

Their objective was simple.

As Co-founders of Docmosis, they remain focused on growing Docmosis in a smart sustainable way.

What better way to build this focus than attending a conference that draws together founders from the most successful global SaaS Companies in the world.

The last visit by Docmosis to SaaStr’s Annual Conference was back in 2016.

This event has come a long way since then.

To give you an idea as to the magnitude in the growth of this conference, SaaStr 2019 attracted 12,500+ SaaS founders, executives and VCs from across the world, held this time round at the massive San Jose Convention Centre. A venue three times the size of the one used for the 2018 conference!

From the start of day 1, Paul and Graham were ready to take in new ideas, tips and tactics from a smorgasbord of speaker sessions. In some respects, splitting up and juggling the many parallel sessions proved to be one of the trickiest things for them to manage during the event. There was just so much to see and do!

To provide perspective on the sheer scale of some sessions, the hall in the photo below, had seating for 4,000+ people, with the speakers themselves projected onto two massive screens to allow optimal viewing.

However, the conference encompassed much more than speaker sessions with Q&A interludes.

One of the recent inclusions to SaaStr is brain dates which allow one-on-one practical mentoring sessions on all aspects of SaaS. In the centre of this photo, you may be able to spot Graham having a 1:1 brain date within SaaStr’s massive networking lounge.

A large exhibitor hall divided into booths enabled companies to promote and demo their SaaS related tools and services. It was here that Graham and Paul honed in on a couple of stands with products that could potentially assist Docmosis.

The huge networking parties in the evenings provided the opportunity to mingle with many of the guest speakers, VIPs and SaaS founders over drinks and nibbles.

There was also time to catch up for dinner and great conversation with fellow Aussies attending the conference, including Claire McGregor and Stuart Hall, Co-founders of Appbot, and Dr Marcus Tan, CEO/Founder of HealthEngine. Like Paul and Graham, these founders have grown their companies from the ground up in Perth, Western Australia.

Takeaways from the conference include more great connections, and some new strategies and ideas to further strengthen Docmosis in product and service offerings in 2019.

All in all, SaaStr Annual 2019 was a great way of motivating Docmosis for the busy year ahead.

There’s now even more impetus to make 2019 another milestone year of growth for the company!

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