Cloud monitoring service made public

14 December 2016

Docmosis has recently begun monitoring its Cloud document generation service using a publicly available service.

The monitoring is conducted using a third-party service and is in addition to the Docmosis in-house monitoring system.

Monitoring Page – Location

The new Monitoring page can be found at

Monitoring Page – Statistics

The Monitoring began in Nov 2016 and in the future will give users visibility to the historical stability and reliability of the Cloud document generation service.

This means that users will be able to dig deep and view historical reports such as this…

The Up Time statistics show the result of generating a document using the /services/rs/render endpoint. The test is a deep test, which includes sending data to the service and checking that the generated document that is streamed back contains the injected data.

The Response Time statistics show the time taken to generate a single page, including sending the data and receiving back the streamed document.

The monitoring is conducted using Pingdom, a third-party publicly accessible site and is conducted in addition to the in-house monitoring system developed by Docmosis.

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