New Enterprise Customers Drive Docmosis Usage to 35M Pages

2 April 2019

Australia-based software company Docmosis measures usage of their Cloud document generation service via the number of pages rendered each month. The graph shows the steady growth in annual usage since 2013, now exceeding 35M pages per year.

With an expanding international customer base, made possible by their Software as a Service (SaaS) model, Docmosis’ latest growth is underpinned by an increase in new enterprise customers. “These new enterprise customers include those upgrading to an enterprise plan,” says Graham Hughes, Docmosis Business Director and Co-Founder.

“There needs to be a certain level of trust and satisfaction for customers to upgrade, so the increase in usage by enterprise customers is especially gratifying.”

In October 2018, the new Docmosis Cloud console was officially launched, providing users with improved usability and functionality. Feedback has been positive, with users reporting that uploading and rendering templates is easier and more intuitive.

Also in 2018, in response to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) roll-out in Europe, the Docmosis Team conducted an audit and released a guide on how to use the Docmosis Cloud service in a GDPR compliant manner. “The fact that our Cloud service does not retain customer data or store the generated documents has been a key differentiating security factor world-wide,” says Hughes.

In addition to reduced risk, customer feedback has highlighted that the stability and scalability of the Docmosis solution have been significant factors in their choice. For the last 12 months, Docmosis status monitoring has measured uptime to be at 99.998%. Key US customer LeaseAccelerator’s usage has scaled from small beginnings in 2013 to hundreds of thousands of pages each month. “Five years in, we have absolutely no pressure to switch to a different reporting solution,” said Jonathan Crawford, CTO of LeaseAccelerator.

In early 2019 the directors and founders, Paul Jowett and Graham Hughes, once again headed to the SaaStr Annual Conference in San Jose to gain valuable insights for taking Docmosis the next step as a growing SaaS business. Also in the pipeline for 2019 will be the transition to new hardware and a fully updated rendering engine (DWS3). This update is expected to deliver significant performance and quality improvements to users of the Docmosis Cloud. For the on-premise product, Tornado, the Docmosis team has been working on delivering using the Docker container platform, driven by customer requests.

The team at Docmosis has been expanding in response to the growth of their client and user base, and further recruitment is underway this year. The trend of growth through innovation and customer satisfaction looks to continue in 2019.

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