Docmosis Cloud Passes the 5 Million Pages Milestone

28 February 2015

The Docmosis document generation SAAS is used by companies to create legal, financial, medical, transport and education documents. The Cloud service has been running consistently for over four years and has now produced over 5 million pages.

On Thursday 26, Graham Hughes, co-founder and director of the Australian based company Docmosis Pty Ltd, announced that the company’s document generation Cloud service had recently passed the 5,000,000 pages milestone.

Graham said: “We knew we were getting close at the end of last year. Then we got busy with rolling out our new hardware for the service in December and January. We are very proud of how well it’s going.”

The Docmosis Cloud service allows customers to store templates of their documents in the Cloud. Software applications can then send data to the Docmosis Cloud service, which merges the data with the template to create the finished document. The service is relied upon to produce documents 24×7 for businesses in many different industries including legal, financial, medical HR and real estate.

Graham, who is responsible for Business Development, elaborated: “We always knew that the SAAS business model would require significant upfront investment and we have recently invested heavily in engineering and upgrading the hardware we use to provide the service. Since launching in 2011 we have seen growth doubling year-on-year. Customers that have moved to the new servers are seeing speed improvements of up to 500%. So a document that was taking a minute to generate is now completed in under 10 seconds. With so many businesses now relying on it, we will be continuing to invest and support the service well in to the future.”

Docmosis is available as a Cloud service, a locally hosted web service (called Tornado) and as a library for Java developers. For example a software developer, wanting to Create a PDF from Java, would traditionally use a Java PDF Library which required writing thousands of lines of code to create a document. Using the Docmosis Template based approach can significantly reduce development time.

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