Docmosis – No.1 Best Rated Reporting Tool

14 June 2016

At Docmosis we are pretty chuffed that, in June 2016, Docmosis is sitting in the number one position of Best Rated Reporting Tool on the IT Central Station website.

Given the growing importance of customer reviews in B2B and that IT Central Station is a platform that is specifically targeting Enterprise Software, with listings for IBM/Oracle/Microsoft and the like, this is a real achievement.

It’s no secret that the way consumers make decisions has changed significantly over the last decade.

Whether you are booking accommodation, choosing a restaurant or purchasing electronic goods online – we have grown accustomed to sorting results by “star rating” and scrolling through customer reviews before making a final decision.

In a study conducted by Software Advice in 2014, it seems that online reviews are just as important for B2B companies. The study showed that when purchasing business software 75% of people surveyed would consult online reviews before making a purchasing decision.

Websites like IT Central Station are now crowd-sourcing detailed reviews from enterprise technology professionals whose identity is verified using LinkedIn.

Here are some of the comments about Docmosis so far…

“Any company’s engineering and software specialists are highly prized and valuable. With Docmosis the time to development has been reduced dramatically. My initial projections are that we have an 80% improvement in that process.”
Technical Product Manager

“We don’t need our development team to customize reports for customers. It lowers cost and allows us to deliver customized reports faster than we could before”

“We had it integrated into our system in less than three days, not just set up but actually integrated in.”
VP Engineering

“I have never seen someone take this approach and do it well until I found Docmosis”
Senior Software Engineer

These days all businesses rely on software. Small businesses can get a long way with an accounting package like Xero and perhaps Microsoft Word and Excel.

However larger Enterprises require software that can coordinate the work of hundreds of people across multiple departments, rather than just for individual users. Enterprise Software is often a suite of customizable programs from vendors like IBM, Oracle, and Microsoft. The goal is to solve Enterprise-wide problems – not just the problems of an individual user or department.

Choosing the correct suite requires extensive knowledge of each Enterprise Software offering. Traditionally large Enterprises have turned to advisory firms like Gartner or Forester whose analysts have in depth knowledge of the different vendors and their products.

IT Central Station is challenging the traditional analyst model by connecting enterprise software professionals with their peers for researching and reviewing technology solutions without vendor bias. The enterprise market has unique requirements such as trusted anonymity, user validation, and content sharing that IT Central Station has addressed.

If you have experience using Docmosis, you can submit a review using this link:

Thanks to all the people who have submitted reviews so far.