" We found Docmosis to be sophisticated software which can generate pretty much any document. "

Terms Advisor | United States

Josh, CEO, Monday, 26 February 2018

Privacy Policy / Terms and Conditions Generator

At Terms Advisor we were building an online legal document generation platform which can be used by small businesses to create the Terms and Conditions, and Privacy Policies for their websites.

To do this, we needed a document assembly engine which would take the responses from an online questionnaire form and create documents in either Word or PDF format. The real challenge was finding a document assembly engine that was cost-effective and powerful.

After a lot of searching, we found Docmosis and the cloud solution, which was perfect to get us off the ground as we weren’t going to be a high-volume generator of documents to start with. It was being offered at a very reasonable price and allowed us to shortcut the development cost so we didn’t have to spend a year building and testing our own document assembly software.

When we looked at other solutions out there, Docmosis was sophisticated software which could generate pretty much any document. We just needed a bit of help to build the conditional logic into the templates based on some of the responses to the online questionnaire.

With the good technical guide that came with Docmosis, we were able to connect the online form component developed using Machform to Docmosis to create the assembled documents.

We would definitely recommend Docmosis if you want good document assembly with sophisticated conditional logic.