“We needed something that was quick to get going.”

Bridgeall | UK
Iain McKinley & Connor Kelly, ISV and IT Consulting Services
17 April 2018

We use Docmosis-Tornado within trevi, our billing solution for the UK retail water industry.

We had very specific requirements for the formatting of billing documents which needed to be generated in PDF format.

We realised that it would be difficult to achieve the formatting requirements programmatically and so looked for something more graphical in concept. We trialled a few different products before deciding upon Docmosis as we needed something that ‘was quick to get going’. Docmosis fit the bill.

The result is a system which can currently generate about 200,000 invoices and credit notes a month, processed on a nightly batch basis. Each invoice is about 4-5 pages in length. Performance-wise, Docmosis is quick with an invoice generated every second or so. There is also an option for generating PDF invoices ‘on the fly’ by users clicking on a link. The result seems pretty instant.

We are very pleased with the integration of Docmosis within trevi particularly with the flexibility to make changes to invoicing templates.

There are a few different times where we have needed help from Docmosis support. Once they provided step-by-step instructions to allow us to make secure calls to Tornado using HTTPS which they specifically created for our case. We have always found the Docmosis support team to be helpful and responsive.

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