“Delivering high-quality professional documents”

Amplexus Solutions Pty Ltd | Australia
Marc Ring & David Baird
Founders; CEO & CTO
16 June 2023

Our company Amplexus Solutions, has been behind the development of ENABLE>SYSTEMS.

ENABLE>SYSTEMS (E>S) is a modular cloud-based software solution designed to support the critical processes and compliance associated with running a business in Australia, with core modules including People & HR and Work Health Safety.

Integrating the Docmosis-Java API into our SaaS offering was simple, and allows us to provide a robust and flexible document generation capability whilst remaining very cost-effective.

The templating API is extensible via custom functions, and both the integration guide and the templating guide are excellent resources that are routinely updated to include new functionality as it is released.

Docmosis allows our users to leverage templates to generate professional documents quickly and easily based on information within E>S. Documents such as Service Proposals, HR Letters, Employment Contracts, Incident Reports, Tax Invoices, Injury & Claims Summaries.

Docmosis support has been responsive and very helpful on the few occasions when template authors had difficulty with specific formatting issues.

The speed & ease of the document generation has enabled our users to make significant productivity improvements to their businesses while delivering high-quality professional documents.

There have really been no issues with Docmosis in our project. The main technical challenge we have is ensuring that the version of OpenOffice used in production matches that of the version used by template authors, which is really not a Docmosis problem.

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