“Really easy to learn and use, and fantastic customer support.”

Atcom Outsourcing S.A. | Chile
Andres Avila Aguila, Owner & COO
20 June 2023

ATCOM is a staffing and outsourcing service provider with clients throughout Chile.

As a staffing and outsourcing company, we must have our documentation in order, for both our clients and personnel. There’s a lot of documents that needs to be generated to fulfill regulatory laws and mandatory compliance required by our clients. Docmosis has been our sole provider to do that, and it has been cost-effective for us.

The best thing about Docmosis is that it is easy to learn and use. We have a tiny developer group and everyone uses the platform almost without training.

We have a lot of clients with different requirements about documents. There have been a few that are difficult to render using the platform, but we have been able to somehow work around the issues with the help of the Docmosis Support team.

The very few times we have had issues with the platform, they’ve been resolved very quickly by the Support team, which we appreciate.

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