“Great product, great customer support, great pricing.”

Thales | Australia
10 June 2014

The company needed a simple cheap and flexible reporting engine for one of our products.

Our customer wasn’t happy with the rigid format of existing reports from the system and no matter how many times we changed them someone always wanted something different.

Thus we were faced with two options, build a template based reporting system or integrate a third party reporting engine. Standard practice is to perform a trade study before adopting any new product. A web search for reporting engines turned up a number of viable alternatives including Docmosis.

Closer examination eliminated many of the original products straight away as our ideal candidate would be Java based. To keep things simple for users we wanted to be able to use Microsoft Word based templates (ie so there would be no need for programmer input to create, update or modify templates).

We evaluated a number of products and Docmosis came out in front in terms of price and features we needed.

The decision was made to prototype a Docmosis solution as part of the trade study, since an evaluation version was readily available on the web to try before you buy.

Our biggest surprise was how easy Docmosis was to integrate. A couple of days effort and we had Docmosis fully integrated into our product, a production quality integration in a few days. The pricing made the build/buy decision a no-brainer.

Great product, great customer support, great pricing. For us this made the decision to use Docmosis an easy one.

Thales, Australia

Thales is a leading international engineering and information systems group servicing defence, aerospace and security markets. In Australia, Thales employs 3700 personnel at 35 sites generating revenue in excess of AU$1 billion.

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