“We’ve not had a single issue so far with thousands of documents.”

Seaglass| United Kingdom
Alex Sena, Product Director
20 May 2020

At Seaglass, we provide SaaS solutions to the UK energy industry.

We mainly use Docmosis for the PDF rendering of bills and other documentation aimed at our customer’s customers. Bills in particular can be complex documents that need to be presented clearly, smartly and on brand.

The combination of the MS Word template and the passing of a JSON data object into a single simple REST API call is exactly what we required to achieve the desired result.

The storage of templates within the product in a folder structure makes the rendering call simple and also allows for multiple environments to be catered for.

The ability to embed, and dynamically repeat, templates within each other is a simple yet extremely powerful feature that we use in our setup.

We also use Docmosis for the HTML rendering for emails. The html rendering, in combination with our own AWS SES service, allows us a very simple method of producing bespoke emails.

By having a robust, simple, cost-effective rendering solution like Docmosis integrated into our own products increases our attractiveness to customers. Our customers benefit by being able to be extremely agile in changing the flat text in any of their communications. By way of example, during the COVID-19 crisis they were able to author and implement vital messaging to their customers in a single day. Their operations are made easier by having this up-to-date messaging.

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