“Docmosis Cloud is an easy way to generate PDFs via a REST API.”

Qryptal | Singapore
Vinod Vasnani, Cofounder
16 December 2020

At Qryptal, we are using Docmosis as part of our cloud offerings to generate secure, trustworthy and easily verifiable PDF documents for educational, corporate and government environments.

We do this by adding a secure QR code into each PDF document. All the key information in the document is secured within the generated QR code via a private key. Users receiving the document can verify that the information came from the intended source via an app, browser and other means which has the public key.

Customers interact with our system via a web interface and/or via a REST API and we do the rest to secure the data in a digitally signed QR code and a back to back call to Docmosis to generate the secured document.

Docmosis provides us with an easy way to generate the PDFs from templates set up in Libre Open Office with the data sent via a REST API.

The Docmosis templating system allows for complex logic to be embedded in our templates. The ability to have nested tables with iterative logic makes it powerful to generate tables from variable arrays of data. The web console for Docmosis Cloud makes it easy to test template designs and layouts with various JSON payloads.

We found that the documentation provided by Docmosis to be comprehensive which made it easy for us to get started. Their support team is very responsive and you can rely on getting good technical help. They were able to suggest ideas on the template logic so we could achieve our PDF generation goals.

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