“Template flexibility at your fingertips.”

Apportunities | Canada
Robert Bucsis, Low-Code Developer
21 February 2023

Apportunities is a software development company.

Our team consists of skilled web developers and workflow automation specialists that create purpose-built solutions for clients. We specialize in Rapid Application Development and Low-Code tools, enabling them to bring our clients’ ideas to life in a quick and efficient manner.

Our business clients often require customized, professional documents and reports as part of their projects. With Docmosis, we’ve been able to provide them with a fully customizable experience, delivering to them documents better than what they had expected was even possible.

Honestly, I think the only way we could get more flexible documents is to write custom PDF scripts ourselves. Docmosis makes rapid development of templates possible, and gives you the power to create exactly what you’re looking for every time!

The scripting language in Docmosis is simple, yet powerful. It is easy for us to send all of the data we need to Docmosis and have it displayed exactly where and how we need it. Being able to utilize Word documents as the source gives us the power to paginate documents effectively, while still being able to conditionally show or hide certain pages where necessary.

Other services that we’ve used have had limitations, such as building block templates, which can lock you into their specific style choices or force you to display information in a way that might not fit exactly with what you’re going for. With Docmosis, it’s your template, and it’s your design.

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