“Amazing customer service and the product works great.”

Marriott Vacations Worldwide Corporation | United States
Randall Tallent, Director of Business Intelligence
23 February 2021

Our global corporation is involved with selling and managing time-shared ownership of premium vacation resorts around the globe.

In late 2020, we faced a major challenge after learning that a third-party software tool used by one of our systems for document generation had been discontinued.

We knew that another team within the Company was using Docmosis. It made sense for us to consider Docmosis as our setup relies on lots of Microsoft Word templates.

The switch to Docmosis ended up being a very quick turnaround with incredible support provided by their technical team.

It turns out that a change they recommended for fixing an issue we encountered, with multiple users running a document conversion at the same time, also ended up improving a performance issue that we were concerned about in the first place. That was a win win result!

Apart from receiving great support, we appreciated the amazing customer service at Docmosis as they were able to extend our trial license until everything was settled.

What we’re doing at the moment just totally works! Now that we understand Docmosis a bit better, we are keen to explore other areas where we can leverage this product for the generation of PDFs.

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