“It’s so flamin fast. Our users are all about a quick experience…..”

100Rails Limited | New Zealand
Steve Shepherd, Founder & CEO
24 March 2023

Our company has developed a SaaS platform called Scaflog, specifically for the Scaffolding industry.

We needed to find a FAST templating system for PDF production. We tried over 5 other products including WebMerge, Raw HTML and Zoho Writer before coming across Docmosis.

Our devs signed up for a couple of trials of the cloud product but it only took us a week to evaluate. We don’t muck around! It was incredibly easy for us to integrate Docmosis Cloud into our SaaS solution as the API is simple but very comprehensive.

We are fairly white glove in our setup, doing unique quote, invoice and report templates for each client. The nested embedding of tables in templates is a huge benefit, as is the conditional statement ability to include or exclude template portions.

We also like the focus that Docmosis has on speed. It’s so flamin fast. Our users are all about a quick experience and we had been dragging the chain with the use of other tools especially with Zoho Writer. Now we’ve converted all our templating systems over to Docmosis.

We are OVER THE MOON about Docmosis! It’s ended up saving us thousands of dollars and dropped our rendering speeds from 30 seconds to around 3 to 6 seconds.

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