Docmosis Growth Continues - Despite COVID

In a year where so many businesses worldwide have been hard hit by the pandemic, we are thankful that Docmosis usage has held up remarkably well across all products.

Whilst 2020 saw downturns in document generation for customers in sectors like Tourism and Real Estate, this was offset by customers in defensive sectors like Energy, HealthCare and Transport & Logistics. This year has proven there are advantages in having a diverse mix of customers in different sectors and geographies to keep business strong.

Docmosis Cloud Document Generation Growth - 2020

Cloud usage continued to climb with almost 64 Million pages generated in 2020.

This solid result comes on the back of our DWS3 cloud release in late 2019.  That has resulted in a steady uptake of new cloud customers as well as a significant number of existing customers transitioning across to the more advanced DWS3 service from the legacy DWS1 and still-operational DWS2 services.

As our technical director Paul Jowett notes, “The introduction of regional based processing and other sought after features in DWS3 sets us apart from other docgen solutions on the market. The stats for the year indicate that we’re on the right track with the direction we’re taking with our Cloud product.”

This upbeat sentiment is reflected in feedback from new signups like  Dr. Richard Lohwasser, CEO of Germany’s successful startup, Lition Energy, “The DWS3 cloud service is quite advanced technologically with several data centres to choose from. Our Lition blockchain is built upon data privacy, so it would be kind of weird to send data to The States.  It’s good that we could choose to keep the data processing here in Frankfurt.”

As lockdowns came into effect during the course of the year, the Docmosis team transitioned easily over to a Work-from-Home model. In many respects it was business as usual, yet the upside was some valuable quieter time to assess work required to expand product reach.

Up till now, the Docmosis products have largely been oriented towards software developers. Yet, the ever-changing landscape of IT has meant Docmosis is now firmly on the radar of users who wish to integrate Docmosis with popular third-party SaaS platforms like Salesforce and low/no-code platforms like Bubble.

These users are looking for a document generation tool that they can easily connect to their CRMs, ERPs and no-code platforms. Essentially, they want to use client data from these systems to generate custom documents and reports in PDF and Docx formats.

The latter half of this year has been spent undertaking preliminary work on what’s needed to better assist these users.  This work on third-party integrations will carry forward into 2021 with the implementation of a Zapier integration, a generic webhook document delivery mechanism and specific plug-ins for third-party platforms.

Aside from integrations, there’s plenty else crammed into the 2021 Docmosis roadmap to make for an exciting year ahead of product improvements and continued growth.








Author : Verona Khng