Create PDF in Java using Templates

What are you creating?

Is it just a simple PDF letter?

Or is it a multi-page report with headers, footers, page numbers, section numbering?

A traditional Java PDF Library requires you to learn a large API and write lots of code to create PDF documents.

The Java code needs to handle all possible cases such as tables that run over pages.

Even simple page numbering can be a tedious task.

java mail merge

The advantages of Templates

Template based solutions allow a document or report to be built using a visual editor.

Placeholders are included in the Template for the dynamic parts of the document.
With Docmosis, templates can be created using editors you already know, like: Microsoft Word or LibreOffice.

Placeholders for the dynamic data are added just by typing, like this: <<firstName>>.

Plus the placeholders can contain other instructions to handle: conditional sections, repeating data and more.

Docmosis is written in Java and can be easily embedded in to any Java Application.

Is it any good?

Docmosis has been described as “Mail Merge on Steroids” – Java Mail Merge.

It’s currently used in many different applications including Finance, Health, Education, Legal, Logistics, Marketing and Defense.

It’s been chosen by: Cisco, BBC, Commonwealth Bank of Australia, TriumphPay, Marriott Vacations and many more.

Create PDF in Java and more

Because Docmosis uses Templates, your application can create documents in multiple formats: PDF, Doc, DocX, HTML – by adding just one line of code.

Get started quickly with Examples of Templates / Data Files / Output Files on our resources website.

With Great Support

We’ve been working with all manner of documents since 2006.

Our Support Team has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to this area.

Feel free to tell us about the document you are creating and we’ll tell you if Docmosis is right for you.