Docmosis document generation can be embedded in to custom-built software or used from many third-party applications via the REST API.


Custom Software







Custom Software Applications

Docmosis allows you to easily add Template based Document Generation to any custom software application (built using Java, C#, PHP, etc.)

Docmosis is built using Java.  You can embed the Docmosis engine to your Java Application using the Docmosis-Java library.

Alternatively, most modern programming languages provide the ability to perform a https POST, which means any application can leverage the power of Docmosis via the REST based API.  Choose from either hosting the Docmosis engine yourself (Tornado) or calling our cloud service (Docmosis-Cloud).


No-Code / Low-Code Platforms

If you don't see your preferred platform on our list, don't worry.

With our simple REST based API you can connect virtually any no-code or low-code platform to the Docmosis Cloud document generation service.



Bubble enables anyone to design, develop, and launch powerful web apps without writing code.

Get started with this article on how to generate documents from Bubble using Docmosis.


Appian makes it easy to build solutions for complex business problems.

You can configure Appian to call Docmosis Cloud directly using the Appian HTTP Integration Object, or find out about our Appian Connected System.


Mendix is the fastest & easiest low-code platform used by businesses to develop mobile & web apps at scale.

We recently updated the Docmosis Cloud API to ignore unknown render parameters to allow Mendix integration.


Automation Platforms

Docmosis document generation can be a useful addition to many third-party SaaS products.


Zapier is well known for moving data between web apps.

With Docmosis as part of the workflow you can use data collected via a webform (Typeform, Formstack, etc.) or stored in a CRM / Marketing tool (Salesforce, HubSpot, etc) and merge that data with a template to generate a document (Letters, Contracts, Invoices, etc.).

Find out more about automating your Document Generation using Zapier.


Integromat is a powerful tool to connect apps and automate workflows using a no-code visual builder.

Find out more about using Integromat to automate your document generation.