Tornado Pricing

Tornado licences are perpetual - buy once - use forever.

Our licences are Project based.  Read more about our Simple Licensing model.

Licences include access to software Updates and Support for 12 Months.


(Use Docmosis as required for a Single Project or Application.)
T-100 Single Threaded
(one Converter)
50 $2,895
T-400 Multi Threaded, Redundancy
(four Converters)
200 $5,695
T-800 High Performance, Load Distribution
(eight Converters)
600 $8,495
Custom Choose:  Number of Converters
and Max Templates
to suit your application
Request a price
T-ENT Enterprise requirements
(unlimited Converters)
Unlimited $14,895
Multiple Projects or OEM needs?  Please Contact Us.  
* All pricing is in US Dollars ($USD)
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Common Licensing Questions

What do the different Edition numbers (100/400) mean?

The first digit tells you the number of converters you can use in Production.  Converters are separate machine processes and allow Docmosis to produce documents in parallel and provide for redundancy and load distribution.

A "100" allows you to use one (1) converter.  With a "400" you can use up to four (4) converters.  An "ENT" license can use unlimited converters.


  A custom "800" license allows you to run up to eight (8) converters.
  The means that in Production you could use Docmosis on two (2) servers each running four (4) converters.

For multi-user systems producing many or large documents we recommend at least the "400".

How fast (pages/minute) is each Edition?

The speed of Docmosis can vary greatly depending upon your specific: hardware, application, complexity of template and density/volume of data.

Obviously templates with lots of fields per page, lots of large images or nested/repeating data take longer to process.

That said, you can use the following as a guide when estimating performance:

   One (1) converter can generate approximately 100 pages per minute.

Adding more converters allows Docmosis to produce more documents in parallel - so four (4) converters can generate approximately 400 pages per minute.

This approximation is limited by hardware and the number of cores available on a machine to perform parallel processing.  However, one of the unique aspects of Docmosis is that Converters can be distributed across multiple remote servers.


  You have a license for 16 converters.
  You run 4 converters on 4 separate quad-core servers.
  You could expect to generate approximately 1600 pages per minute.

Please consult with our Support team for specific technical advice.

What does Max Templates mean?

Max Templates is the total number of unique templates that can be used by Docmosis when producing documents.

Docmosis can be configured to load all available templates at startup.  The maximum number of templates that can be loaded and used for producing documents is determined by the license.

We find customers with more templates generally need more Support - so our prices are higher as template numbers increase.

If you require a custom Max Template limit - please contact our Sales Team.

What about Licensing for DEV/TEST/PROD and OEM?

Docmosis licensing is based on usage in Production.

You should choose an Edition that covers the number of Converters you require in Production.

Example 1:

  You have a "400" license that allows you to run four (4) converters in Production.
  You could choose to run Docmosis on two (2) servers with two (2) converters on each server.
  This is appropriate given the license you have.

Example 2:

  You have a "100" license that allows you to run one (1) converter in Production.
  You choose to run Docmosis on four (4) servers with one (1) converter on each server.
  This means you are effectively running four (4) converters in Production which is not covered by your license.
  You should Upgrade to a "400" license.

DEV/TEST usage is covered by your Production license.

Separate licenses for Development and Testing purposes are not required.

OEM usage.

If you would like to embed or distribute Docmosis with your application, and your application will be installed at multiple locations you should enquire about an OEM license.  See below.

What is an OEM license and when do you need one?

An OEM license allows you to distribute Docmosis with your application and have your application run at multiple locations.

You should choose an Edition that covers the maximum number of converters/templates you expect to need at one location.

The OEM license fee depends on the expected number of distributions and is calculated as a multiple of the standard license fee.


  Your application requires a Docmosis license/installation to generate documents.
  You expect your application will be installed and run at approximately 20 different locations/customers.
  You estimate that each location will need less than 50 templates and you estimate that one (1) converter will handle the volume of documents that will be generated.

  You do NOT need to purchase 20 x "100" Edition licenses.

  In this case a "100-OEM-20" license will meet your needs.

As OEM needs can vary greatly, please contact us to discuss your exact needs and to obtain a Quote.

What is an Update?

We endeavor to release a new Version about 2 to 3 times a year.  Each new Version will contain a combination of bug-fixes and new features.

An Update is when you move from an older Version to a new Version.

Access to Support and Updates is included for 12 Months in your initial purchase price.

What is an Upgrade?

Each product has different Editions.

The Edition determines the number of converters and the number of templates that your application can use.

An Upgrade is when you move from one Edition to a higher Edition.


  You purchase a “100” Edition which allows you to use 1 converter.

  Your usage grows and you decide your would like to run 4 converters.  This would require a "400" Edition.

  This means you would need to Upgrade from the “100” to the “400”.

What is the cost to Upgrade from one Edition to another?

Provided you are in an active period of Support/Updates you can Upgrade to a higher Edition by just paying the price difference between the two Editions.

Support/Updates is included for the first 12 months with your initial purchase.  So at any time during the first year you can Upgrade in this way.

The price difference will be determined by using the listed price of the Edition you are moving to minus the price that you paid.


  You purchased a "100" license for $2,495, 10 months ago.
  You are still in an active period of Support/Updates.
  You want to Upgrade to a "400" license that has a list price of $4,895.
  The cost to Upgrade is $2,400 ( = $4,895 - $2,495 ).

Upgrading doesn't not alter your Anniversary Date or the period of Support/Updates.  See Anniversary Date below.

Renewal of Support/Updates is optional.  One of the benefits of continuing with Support/Updates is that this Upgrade pricing option remains available to you.

If you do not have an active period of Support/Updates please contact Sales for custom Upgrade pricing.

Please contact our Sales Team for advice.

What does Support include?

Your license includes Standard Support for the first 12 Months.

Docmosis is a highly technical product.  We understand that support is a very important part of our offering.  You may require support when first setting up your environment or when creating templates.

Our dedicated Resources Website contains extensive documentation, videos, code samples, example templates and answers to common questions in our FAQ.

Support also includes email access to our support team with a 24 hour response time and specific technical answers.  Feel free to contact Support during your Trial period.

Can I get a Refund after purchasing?

We offer Free Trials for all of our products.  We also allow you to extend your Trial to ensure you have adequately tested every aspect of Docmosis to determine that it meets your needs.

You can even contact our Support team during your Trial to assess our responsiveness and assist with any issues before purchasing.

As such, refunds are generally not available after purchasing.

If you have purchased Docmosis and feel that it subsequently does not perform as expected, please contact our Sales Team to discuss your options.

How do I access software Updates?

From time-to-time we release new Versions that contain improvements, feature enhancements and bug fixes to our products.  We endeavour to do this at least twice a year.

Your initial license includes access to software Updates for the first 12 Months from date of purchase (your Anniversary Date).

You can download the updated software once it is released on our Resources Website .

Your License Key has your Anniversary Date encoded and it will automatically work with any software releases in the 12 Months following your initial purchase.

Updates and Support - Renewal

All licenses include access to software Updates and Support for the first 12 months.

You can renew access to Updates and Support for 12 month blocks based on the prices below.  Renewal is optional.

Renew Support And Updates for 12 Months (Optional)
T-100 One 50 $1,158
T-400 Four 200 $2,278
T-800 Eight 600 $3,398
Custom     Contact Us
T-ENT Unlimited Unlimited $5,958
* All pricing is in US Dollars ($USD)
Contact Sales

Support/Updates Questions

What is my Anniversary Date for Support/Updates?

Your Anniversary Date is the date we receive payment for your initial license purchase.

Your Support/Update period starts on the Anniversary Date and continues for 12 months.

Each year you can extend your access to Support/Updates for a further 12 months. Renewal is optional.


  You receive an Invoice for a new license dated 10-Feb-2014.
  We receive payment on the 4-Mar-2014.
  Your Support/Update period starts on 4-Mar-2014 and continues to 4-Mar-2015.

Will the Renewal Prices still be the same when I next renew?

Your renewal price is fixed for the first two renewals.

The renewal price is based on a percentage of the price of your license at the time of your initial purchase.

After the first two renewals (three years of Support/Updates) we may revise your renewal pricing if it varies from our listed pricing.

If you have a custom license or an older product that is no longer listed please Contact Us to confirm pricing.

Please contact Sales for an exact quote for Renewal.

My Support/Updates period has expired. Can I renew?


Your Support/Update period is determined by your initial license purchase.  This sets your Anniversary Date.

If you want to renew before or after this date it does not affect your Anniversary Date.

Example 1:

  You purchase a license on 14-Jun-2014.
  Your have access to Support/Updates to 14-Jun-2015.
  In Feb-2015 (4 months BEFORE expiry) you decided to renew.
  Your access to Support/Updates will be extended to 14-Jun-2016.

Example 2:

  You purchase a license on 14-Jun-2014.
  Your have access to Support/Updates to 14-Jun-2015.
  In Oct-2015 (4 months AFTER expiry) you decided to renew.
  Your access to Support/Updates will be extended to 14-Jun-2016.

If it has been more than 12 months since your Support/Updates expired - please contact Sales for a quote on Renewal.