Unique Architecture

Docmosis allows you to add high performance reporting and document generation to your application.

Document generation can be CPU and IO intensive.

Docmosis preprocesses its templates.  Final document generation is performed as a stream, rather than building the whole document in memory.

This ensures fast response times for transactional requests.  When performing batch processing Docmosis can help manage load distribution and load balancing.

High Performance

The power of our document generation software comes from its unique architecture:

  • The Core – handles document generation requests.
  • The Converters - independent processes that produce the documents.

The Core manages the requests to generate documents and distributes the bulk of the processing to the Converter(s).

With Docmosis-Java the Core is embedded in your Java application.  The converters can either be managed completely by the Core or you can configure them to run on separate machines.

With Tornado and the Cloud there is nothing to configure.  They manage the deployment of converters to deliver a fast document generation experience.

Benefits of Docmosis Architecture

Multiple Converters allow your application to produce multiple documents at once.

Load Balancing

The Core and Converters can be run on different networked computers, allowing the processing load during document generation to be distributed.

Low Memory Usage

Docmosis can be added to busy or memory constrained applications/servers with low impact even for heavy workloads.

Parallel Processing

Generate documents in parallel. More converters = more processes generating documents at once.