The Power of Docmosis

Developing software that generates documents can involve writing lots of code to layout the document.

However most simple layout problems have been solved before.

For example: the code needed to display "page numbers on the bottom of a page" must have been written a thousand times or more...

You don’t need to do it all over again!!

Development is FAST

The power of Docmosis lies in the fact that the templates inherit the powerful features of the underlying authoring tools: Microsoft Word or LibreOffice.

Docmosis templates allows Developers and non-Developers to easily achieve common document related tasks such as: defining page size/orientation; creating headers and footers; page numbering; setting margins; without writing any code!

Left Justified Page Number with Page Total in Footer

In the image above the template defines: A4 Page Size, Portrait Orientation, Page Margins and Footer, Page Number / Total Number of Pages and Left / Centre / Right justified text - without writing any code.

These features, combined with the simple Docmosis placeholders, means you can easily produce complex documents using much less code.

Templates also allow Developers to work in parallel with Business Teams or End Users, because they can be edited using well known word processing tools, further decreasing the overall time spent on development.

LESS Iterations

Getting a document to layout correctly is often a long iterative process of - changing the code - then checking the layout of the generated document.

With Docmosis the changes to a document (template) are done using the WYSIWYG editors: Microsoft Word or LibreOffice.

The changes are visual, obvious, instantaneous and typically much faster than if you had to make a similar change in a code-only solution.

This significantly reduces the time taken to get a document just right.

When designing or changing a document you just:

  1. Edit and Save your template.
  2. Use your software application to regenerate the document.
  3. See the document changes immediately – with no code changes!

Changes to Docmosis templates can be applied live, if that suits your application.  This means you can make changes to the content/formatting of your application's documents - by deploying just the updated templates – while the system is running!


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