Tornado is a stand alone Document Generation engine that your application calls (using https) to generate documents.

Create PDF, DOCX, ODT and TXT documents based on templates.  Your application sends JSON or XML data to Tornado, that Tornado then merges with your template to generate the output document.

Local, REST-based Web Services

Tornado runs as a stand-alone web service on your server exposing a RESTful API for rendering documents.

Tornado can be used by any application that can perform a https-post or REST call.  Generate: PDF, DOCX, ODT, TXT from C#, Java, Ruby, PHP and more.

At startup Tornado loads your templates from your server then waits for render requests.

Your application sends a JSON or XML request with:

API to create PDF, Doc, DocX from C#, PHP, Ruby using Tornado.

  • Template name - the template to populate
  • Data - XML or JSON format data with which to populate the template
  • Output format(s) - PDF, DOCX, ODT and other formats
  • Destination - stream back to application, email

Create templates in Microsoft Word or LibreOffice.

Tornado also provides a web console that allows you connect to Tornado with any web browser and configure document generation.

If you are working with Java you can embed Docmosis in your Java application using the Java API.

For a general overview of Docmosis start with How it Works -> Introducing Docmosis.

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System Requirements

The Server running Tornado will require:

  • Java 6 or later
  • LibreOffice

We find LibreOffice - "Still" often proves to be the best choice as it has undergone more testing and is more stable than the "Fresh" version.


Downloads, Documentation and Code Samples for Docmosis Tornado can be found on our Tornado Resources page.