The easiest way to create PDF documents from Java. Docmosis-Java gives you complete control of the Docmosis engine via the Java API.

With Docmosis-Java create PDF and more...

Create PDF, DOCX, ODT and TXT documents and reports from your Java application.

// create a PDF from myTemplate.doc
File templateFile = new File("myTemplate.doc");
File outputFile = new File("result.pdf");
DocumentProcessor.renderDoc(myTemplateFile, outputFile, buildData());

The Docmosis-Java API provides detailed control over all aspects of Docmosis including:

Use Java to Create PDF with Docmosis on a single server

  • Docmosis Intialization - timing of start up and configuration settings
  • Template Management - locating and loading templates
  • Document Production - data provision, output formats, output destination
  • Reverse Engineering - dynamic extraction of template fields and structures

To use Docmosis simply add the docmosis.jar to your application and create documents using the Java API.  In the simplest case Docmosis will automatically start and manage the Converters on the server where your application is running (Embedded Converters).

Start by creating a template of your document using Microsoft Word or LibreOffice. Your application sends data to Docmosis - which Docmosis merges with the template to create PDF,  DOCX, ODT and TXT documents.

The full Java API can be downloaded or viewed online from our Java Resources page.

Start with DocumentProcessor.renderDoc.  Templates, that have been previously registered with the configured TemplateStore, can be merged with data to provide the output document.

Docmosis Converters

Use Java to Create PDF with Docmosis on multiple servers

Docmosis has been designed for high performance and load distribution with the ability to distribute processing load using the Docmosis Converters.  The Converters are separate processes that are used by Docmosis and allow the finished document to be created as a PDF or DOCX or TXT- or all three at once.

You can run the Converters on a separate server, and configure Docmosis to connect to the Converters over your network as shown in the diagram above (Remote Converters).


For a general overview of Docmosis start with How it Works -> Introducing Docmosis.

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System Requirements

  • Java 1.4 or later
  • LibreOffice

We find LibreOffice - "Still" often proves to be the best choice as it has undergone more testing and is more stable then the "Fresh" version.


Downloads, Documentation and Code Samples for Docmosis Java can be found on our Java Resources page.