Use Docmosis as a web service, running in the Cloud, to generate PDF and DOCX documents and reports from your application.

Your application sends XML/JSON data (via https POST) to Docmosis.  Docmosis merges the data with your template to generate the finished document.

.Net? Php? - Platform Independent

Use .Net, PHP, Ruby to create PDF, Doc, DocX

Store and manage your templates using your Docmosis Cloud Account via the Cloud Console, or using the REST API endpoints.

Platform independent, so any web connected application (Java, .Net, C#, PHP, Ruby, JavaScript, Python or via webhook) can connect to our Cloud Service to generate documents.


Your application sends data and instructions formatted in XML or JSON via the REST API to the Cloud service.  Your application can use a REST client or a simple HTTP(s) POST or webhook.

The processing is completed on our servers and the finished document can be delivered as instructed:

  • streamed back to your application
  • emailed
  • stored in an Amazon S3 Account
  • any combination of these.

There is nothing to download or install.  We have code samples in our Resources area to get you started.

Multiple Locations / Global Coverage

Docmosis Processing Locations

With Docmosis Cloud you have complete control over where your templates/images are stored and your Document Generation processing occurs.

Choose from processing locations in the USA, EU and Asia/Pacific regions to ensure low latency and geo-bound processing.

Trusted Security and Reliability

Cloud Document Generation - Status Monitoring

We understand that Security and Reliability are essential.  That's why we generate a test document every 60 seconds using the publicly visibile third party platform Pingdom.

View the live Status Page and Historical Uptime Statistics.

Below is a summary of our Cloud Security Measures:

  • Load balanced, high-performance, redundant, geographically distributed and monitored 24/7.
  • Over 99.98% uptime consistently for over 6 years.
  • All communication with the Docmosis Cloud is SSL encrypted.
  • Templates and other uploaded content travel encrypted and are encrypted at rest.
  • "Short memory" processing - data and the rendered documents are processed and automatically deleted.
  • Built upon strong AWS Electronic and Physical Security plus custom authentication.
  • Customer controlled API access key rotation.
  • The service is engineered to survive multiple points of failure and degrade predictably.
  • Trusted by financial, medical, legal and many other high-sensitivity, high-criticality industries.

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System Requirements

  • Application environment that can call REST web services or HTTPS-POST
  • Internet connectivity
  • Optional modern web browser to manage templates and images via our Cloud Console


Documentation, code samples and other resources can be found on our
Cloud Resources page.