Introducing Docmosis

Are you developing software that needs to generate documents or reports?

With Docmosis you can quickly and easily add document generation and reporting to your software application.

Docmosis can be used from any Platform including: Java, .Net, Ruby, PHP, Python, Javascript and more.

Docmosis can output in multiple formats: PDF, DOCX, ODT and TXT.

Generate Documents from TEMPLATES

Templates allow you to visually layout and format a document.

A Docmosis template is just a regular document, created using Microsoft Word or LibreOffice, with special placeholders for the dynamic content.


The document generation process is simple:

  1. Your application passes data to Docmosis. For example: XML/JSON.
  2. Docmosis merges the data with your template, to produce the finished document.
  3. Docmosis delivers the document to the specified destinations.

The power of Docmosis comes from the combination of:

  • our simple plain-text placeholders (eg: <<firstName>>), plus
  • your templates inherit the powerful features of the editors used to create them (eg: numbered lists, page numbering, etc.).

Docmosis means that:

  • Developers and Non-developers can easily create/edit templates
  • You can develop and maintain documents faster than an “all code” solution.
  • Layout your documents visually using editors you already know.
  • Easily collaborate on document design with Business Teams and End Users.

You can embed Docmosis in a Java Application (Docmosis-Java)

Or use Docmosis as a local Web Service (Tornado) or Cloud Service (Docmosis-Cloud)


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