Paul Jowett

Paul Jowett

Paul Jowett is a Docmosis founder and Java advocate.  He has worked for companies in Australia, the UK and the US in the Finance, Health, Education and Defence sectors, and always lucky to be involved in interesting development projects.


Improved Billing Portal for Cloud Customers

Improved Billing Portal for Cloud Customers

Starting in Dec 2018, we have been transitioning our cloud subscribers to a new recurring billing system.

This provides our customers with enhanced control over their monthly recurring subscriptions, invoices and more.


Coming soon… Cloud Console redesign

Coming soon… Cloud Console redesign

Those of you who use the Cloud/SAAS version of Docmosis will soon be notified that a new version of the console is available.

Apart from adding a more modern look/feel, the updated console will also include some new features.


Coming Soon... Version 4.0

Coming Soon... Version 4.0

Version 4 is a big step forward, hence the new major version number.

We are completing our testing and documentation updates and are scheduled to release in October 2015.

Expect a lot of really useful features, driven by valuable input from our customers.

With many additions at the core of our document generation engine, the new features will be rolled out across all three products.

Check out what’s new…


Google Broken DNS Lookup April 2015 - How To Fix

Google DNS Changes Hurt CNAME Resolution

It's April 2015 and we started receiving some calls that our servers have vanished.  Not good.  Investigation reveals that a change in Google's DNS handling means, as far as Google's DNS servers are concerned, our servers don't exist.  And we're not the only ones having this problem - it's common to systems using CNAME aliases to Amazon AWS ELB (Load Balancers).

Here's how to determine if this problem is affecting you and how to resolve it - short term and long term. 


Java Convert Word to PDF with UNO - Part 1

Using Java to Convert Word to PDF

Libre Office and Open Office are free Office tools providing, among other things, a programmatic interface (called the UNO API) to load, manipulate and save documents.

The steps below create a program to load a Microsoft Word document, make changes, and save it to PDF format.