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A standard business letter.

Page Size: US Letter.

This example has placeholders in the body of the document and in the footer.

The images are static and anchored to the text.

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This example explained

1) Simple plain-text placeholders (eg:<<firstName>>).

    You can create these just by wrapping any field from your data in << and >>.

    In your data you would have: "firstName":"John" (JSON example).

    In the finished document the placeholder "<<firstName>>" will be replaced with "John".

    Any formatting applied to a placeholder (bold/italic/etc.) will be applied to the data in the finished document.


2) Conditional Sections

    These start with  <<cs_  and end with  <<es_  (End Section).

    These are like IF statements. <<cs_includeTimeframe>> is like saying:

       IF  includeTimeframe = "true"  THEN

         display all text up to <<es_includeTimeframe>>

    In your data you would have: "includeTimeframe ":"true" (JSON example).

    If <<cs_ or <<es_ is on a line by itself - the line is removed in the final document.


3) Regular Expressions inside { braces }

    The expression {numApplications>50} will be evaluated and if "true" then all following text up to the next <<es_ will appear in the final document.

    In your data you would have: "numApplications":"57" (JSON example).