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An Employment Agreement contract with numbered clauses that can be included or removed based on the data.

Includes page numbers, total pages and an address footer on every page.

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This example explained

1) Numbering of the Clauses adjusts automatically

    The clauses have been created using a Numbered List.

    Some of the clauses are surrounded by Conditional Sections:  <<cs_  and  <<es_.

    For example: 3) Internal Reporting  is preceded by <<cs_includeReportingPerson>>.

    The data contains: "includeReportingPerson":"false" (JSON example).

    In the final document item 3 does not appear.  The numbering of the remaining items in the list adjusts automatically.

    TRY: changing "includeReportingPerson" to "true".


2) Page Numbering and Footers

    The template uses the footer feature of: Microsoft Word or OpenOffice.

    In the footer: "Page [Number] of [TotalPages]" has been added using the built-in page numbering features of the template editors.

    There is no need to write any code or provide any data to use this feature.

    The footer also contains placeholders like: <<branchAddr1>>, which will appear on every page in the final document.


3) Page Breaks

    Page 1 finishes with a [Page Break] after item 4.

    Item 5 "Salary and Benefits" will always starts on the top of page two.

    Using [Page Breaks], instead of inserting multiple [Carriage Returns] to layout a template, results in a document that flows and adjusts logically.