Setting Up Tornado

By now you should have received your Licence Key.

If you haven't after 2 minutes, please contact Support to arrange one.

Download and Install

Firstly, download the latest version of Tornado from the Resources website.

Tornado also requires a copy of LibreOffice installed on your computer.

When installing LibreOffice we recommend choosing the second version listed on the LibreOffice Download page, not the latest version, as it is more stable and better suited to enterprise/corporate environments.

You will also require a copy of Java to run Tornado.

Step by Step Video

TornadoGettingStartedGetting Started with Tornado

How to download, setup and run Tornado for the first time.


Running for the FIRST TIME

You will find detailed instructions in the Tornado Getting Started Guide in the documentation section of the resources website.

Once you have installed and run Tornado for the first time you can connect to it using a standard web browser.

To be able to produce documents you will firstly need to:

  1. Add your Licence Key to Tornado through the web interface.
  2. Specify the location of LibreOffice on your computer.
  3. Tell Tornado where to find Templates.
  4. Specify a working directory that Tornado can use to create Logs and other files.

You can then use Tornado via the web interface to build and experiment with templates.

To connect your application to Tornado, choose a Code Sample to suit your Platform.

Modify the Code Sample to point to your Tornado instance, then Run the code to produce your first document.

Trouble Shooting

Please contact Support if you need help setting up your environment.