Processing Locations

The advantages of Cloud computing, such as high-availability, increased reliability and scalability can also lead to data residency and data sovereignty concerns.

Without transparency of the locations used to store and process data, the users of Cloud services are unaware of their data’s physical location and have no control over where processing occurs.

With the Docmosis Cloud you can choose the location in which your:

  • templates/images are physically located
  • document generation processing occurs

making it possible to meet regional compliance and data residency requirements.

Multiple Locations / Global Coverage

Docmosis Processing Locations

Each Docmosis processing location leverages AWS infrastructure and non-physical AWS redundancy and security capabilities to provide a high-performance, high-availability, fault tolerant document generation service.

You may choose a processing location for:

  • High performance / Low-latency.
  • Data residency/sovereignty requirements

If you have no location specific needs, start with the location that is closest to you.  You can easily change locations later if needed.

What's Global vs Local

Here’s a quick overview of which data/services are replicated globally versus which are location specific:

Global Local
Docmosis Processing Locations Docmosis Processing Locations

Account Information


Usage Statistics

API Keys

White-listed resources

Storage of Templates

Storage of Images

Document Generation


One Account - All Locations

One account allows you to use the Docmosis Cloud service in all available locations.

Via the Cloud Console

Docmosis Processing Locations

When using the Cloud Console you can choose the location you are viewing and working with at the top left corner of the page.  The templates/images you see listed will be the ones stored at the location you have selected.

Any rendering done via the Render page in the Cloud Console will occur at the location you choose in the Cloud Console. Changing the working location in the Cloud Console has no affect on the location your application uses. The processing location used by your application is determined by the API URL as described below.

Via the API

Docmosis Processing Locations

Docmosis Cloud has API endpoints in the US, the EU and Australia.

Choosing the correct API URL will ensure your storage/retrieval of templates/images via the API and your document generation processing is occurring using the desired location. You can find the different URLs for each location on the Account page in the Cloud Console.