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Start with a Doc, DocX, RTF or ODT, merge data and output superb HTML5

Docmosis is a great templating engine that you can add to any application.

Generate HTML5 from Java - Docmosis

Docmosis can produce great PDF, DOC, DOCX, ODT, RTF output, and now we are looking at HTML and HTML5 outputs.

Here's a sample of what we are doing with our Java HTML5 library (please download/click to examine the templates and created documents):

These Templates...

ODT Format Template
Generate PDF In Java Template - Docmosis

DOC Format Template
PDF Java Generated Document Example - Docmosis

Create these Documents

Created HTML5 view with paging and zoom controls
Generate PDF In Java HTML - Example

PDF created from the same template is consistent.
PDF Java Template View - Docmosis

Hundreds of code lines for a simple letter?

Another variant of another letter or report means another significant effort to get the code for something similar and start the trial and error process of changing it to look like the new one.. and that assumes you have a similar starting point....

Don't you wish you could...?

  • Create rich, searchable, dynamic HTML5 and HTML output from your Java application.
  • See what your documents look like before coding them - that is design your document visually to create html and html5 .
  • Share the load - allow business teams to actively implement their requirements rather than simply pass requirements to developers.  Since the templates are normal documents, even end-users can make modifications (if that would be helpful in your environment).
  • Have the option to simple changes to output or even create whole new reports without having to go through a full build-test-release cycle.
  • Use the same engine to get results in the formats you need - PDF or HTML5 or even editable formats like DOC, DOCX, RTF and ODT.

Great features in one HTML5 Engine

 Docmosis has taken the best of mail-merging principles to the application space:

  • Normal word processor documents - no plug-ins or customisations
  • Word and LibreOffice input formats supported include DOCDOCX and ODT.
  • Great output options including PDF, ODT, DOC, DOCX, RTF and HTML/HTML5.
  • Some of the most complex requirements are simple and template defined - keep-together, don't break table-rows, repeat table heading, page numbering etc.
  • Scalable from simple use to continuous multi-threaded, distributed performance.
  • A great and ever-improving API to make production as simple as possible:

// mail merge myTemplate.doc to result.pdf
File templateFile = new File("myTemplate.doc");
File outputFile = new File("result.pdf");
DocumentProcessor.renderDoc(myTemplateFile, outputFile, buildData());

If it is a HTML5 converter-only that you are after, take a look at the brilliant Java HTML 5 converter from IDR Solutions

How good is it?

Docmosis has been engineered for performance from the outset with focus on low-memory footprint, stream-oriented and pre-optimized rendering and built-in load distribution facilities.  The output is typically very impressive, the HTML5 output uses high quality font rendering and provides great interactive control for zoom, thumbnails, page scrolling and page turning.

Docmosis is used in: Defence, Finance, Legal, Logistics, Health, Education and Technology applications, trusted by some very busy customers.

Some of our customers have also been kind enough to share some sample documents:

HTML Output From Java Examples - Docmosis

Where are we up to?

If you would like to know where we are up to with our java-create-html5 project, please ask.

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