Docmosis releases new Document Generation Software for Software Developers.

Docmosis has made significant improvements in the latest release of its Document Generation engine.

Docmosis releases new Document Generation Software for Software Developers.

On Wednesday January 21, Paul Jowett, co-founder and director of the Australian based company Docmosis Pty Ltd, announced that the latest release of its Document Generation software (V3.3) was now available on the company's website.

The latest release includes a significant step forward with the ability to inject HTML and render the HTML in to the final document.

Paul explained the reasoning behind this latest improvement: “We have had several customers request this feature. The ability to reuse HTML, that has been written to format text for a web browser, as part of a document presents a significant time saving for software developers.”

Improving the speed and cost of software development has always been a focus for Docmosis. The Docmosis engine allows software developers to build a template of a document using common word processing packages like Microsoft Word. This provides an initial time saving when first developing documents and makes the maintenance and editing of documents, to meet changing requirements, significantly faster and easier.

Paul said “For some reason developing documents and reports is always left to the tail end of a software project – when the deadlines are tight. We love providing a product that makes that work faster, easier and makes software developers look good!”

About Docmosis Pty Ltd

Docmosis Pty Ltd specialises in solving one important problem: getting information out of applications efficiently. The Docmosis product has been actively developed since 2006.

Prior to 2006, the Docmosis founders worked on many projects facing a common requirement that often caused difficulties: for example from Java create PDF and Doc formats using data held in the application.

The difficulties included:

  • the amount time to find and evaluate solutions - document-generation requirements were often implemented last.
  • the time required to implement decent-looking results - code-only solutions are highly iterative and solutions with custom editors have a new learning curve.
  • different output formats required different libraries – which doubled the developement cost of a single report/document.

The Docmosis project was born in response to these difficulties and has been deployed in production environments ever since.


Saturday, 31 January 2015