Switching Between Tornado Versions

4 November 2015

If you have tried the latest version of Tornado (v2.X) and would then like to run a previous version (v1.X) then there are a few things you need to consider…

When switching back and forth between the latest version of Tornado (v2.X) and old versions (v1.X) – the old version will encounter some of the latest version’s properties when it starts up – and won’t know what to make of them.

You will need to delete the relevant properties before running an old version of Tornado again.

The Properties to clear are…

  • License Key
  • Custom Settings
  • Admin Password
  • Access Key
  • Mail User Password

Depending on your O/S you will find them in different places…

Windows (in the registry under) :


Linux (in the users home account under):


OSX (in the users home account under):


If you have any specific questions about your environment, please contact support@docmosis.com