Document Generation vs Artifical Intelligence

There is an unspoken expectation that an Artificial Intelligence will be better than Human Intelligence because there is no "flakiness" in its electronic brain.

Perfect memory combined with perfect computations should result in a superior intelligence!

Document Generation

I recently read an article that Google had purchased DeepMind for $650 Million. I expect that with Google's vast financial resources, the amount of intelligent developers they have, combined with their access to massive computing power - they could be the first company to crack AI.

This article in the NewYorker about DeepMind shows how a certain type of AI can solve problems that can be perfectly defined - like gaming. I suppose it's because the game was created using perfect memory/computations! But the real world is far more complicated.

In some ways the very nature of human intelligence requires flakiness. The human ability to think "out of the box" - requires the brain to pose/ponder random solutions to problems - and sometimes they fit. It allows us to jump from one idea to another and when someone asks: "what made you think of that" we say: "I don't know, it just popped in to my head".

In the course of our business we have been looking at how Google ranks our site for: Document Generation. Yet we also get traffic for Documentation Generator. These are very subtle differences and it's something Google seems to struggle with.

Document Generation is about generating documents. It's about defining a set of rules that describe the layout of a document and the data it contains. Ultimately the result is information presented on a page.

Documentation is a specific type of document. In IT it often refers to information about how to use a particular piece of software. Documentation can be created automatically by scanning the software source code and applying rules to produce a document that describes how the software works.

I want Google to be better at understanding the subtle difference between the suffixes "...tion" and "...or".

But perhaps that kind of flakiness is the missing link that will give Google the AI advantage...

Q: " So DeepMind, what made you think of that particular Document "

A: " I don't know it just popped in to my ??? "

Tags : Document Generation Author : Graham Hughes