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Docmosis licences are perpetual - buy once - use forever.

Our licences are Project based.  Read more about our Unique Licensing model.

They include Software Updates and Support for 12 Months.

Tornado Pricing

(Use Docmosis as required for a Single Project or Application.)
T-100 Single Threaded Continuous
(one Converter)
 50 $2,495
T-400 High Performance, Redundancy
(four Converters)
 500 $4,895
Custom Choose:  Number of Converters
and Max Templates
to suit your application
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T-ENT Enterprise requirements
(unlimited Converters)
Unlimited $14,295
Multiple Projects or OEM needs?  Please Contact Us.  
* All pricing is in US Dollars ($USD)
* Licences do not expire - Perpetual Licences
* By purchasing you are agreeing to our current License Agreement 
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Choosing your Edition

The Edition you choose should be based on your project's Speed and Response-time requirements.

Our 30-Day Free Trial can be configured to perform as a Tornado-100 or Tornado-400 system. This will help you determine the correct Edition for you.


Edition Numbering

The first number tells you the number of converters Tornado can use.

A T-100 allows you to use one (1) converter.  With a T-400 you can use up to four (4) converters.  A T-ENT can use unlimited converters.

Converters are separate processes and allow Tornado to produce documents in parallel and provide for redundancy and load distribution.

For multi-user systems producing many or large documents we recommend the Tornado-400 system.


Common Pricing Questions

What does Technical Support include?

Our free Resources are always available and include extensive on-line documentation, FAQ and Forums.

The Forums are your direct link to our Developers. They regularly monitor the forums - so if your question isn’t listed, feel free to post a question and they will reply as soon as possible.

Support also includes email access to our Support and Sales teams with a 24 hour response time and specific technical answers.

I am not sure which Edition I should use?

Our Free Trial contains scripts to assist you with load testing. This allows you to evaluate the performance of Docmosis in your environment using your style and size of documents. Please contact our Sales Team if you would like more assistance in choosing the correct edition.

Can I get a refund after purchasing?

You can request a refund for up to 30 days after date of payment. After 30 days refunds are not available.

To request a refund within 30 days of payment, please contact our Sales Team.

Is it possible to upgrade from edition to edition?

At any time during the first 12 months you can upgrade to a higher edition by just paying the price difference between the two editions.

If you choose to continue with Updates and Support for a further 12 months you can also upgrade by just paying the price difference between the two editions.

The price difference will be determined based on the listed pricing at the time of upgrade.

Please contact our Sales Team for advice.

What does Max Templates mean?

Because we don't limit our licenses by Server/CPU/User - we use the number of Templates as a factor in our pricing model.

Max Templates is the total number of unique templates that can be used by Tornado when producing Documents.

When Tornado is asked to produce a document - it looks for the required template in the template store and loads it.  The maximum number of templates that can be loaded and used for producing documents is determined by the licence.

If you require a different Template limit - please contact our Sales Team.

Updates and Support after 12 Months

All licenses include access to Software Updates and Support for the first 12 months.

After the initial 12 month period, you may continue with Updates and Support for a further 12 months at our discounted renewal prices.

Renewals commence from the expiration of your previous period, regardless of when the renewal is purchased. We recommend renewing at least 30 days before expiration.

Support And Updates- Subsequent 12 Months (optional)
T-100 $998
T-400 $1,958
T-ENT $5,718
* All pricing is in US Dollars ($USD)
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